A Midnight Fantasy Or A Day Dream

Who am I?

The sweet, obedient girl from a good family who is always well put together, diplomatic in speech, kind and courteous… or a wild child, who owns a room when she walks in, speaks her mind, strong-headed, knows her mind… or maybe a little of both and then some more.

To be as fluid as water to fit into any situation while still having your own personality. A remote village, a palace, a metropolitan city, the beach, up in the mountains, under the ocean, in a temple or a night club.. The key is to fit in just enough to be comfortable and still be yourself.

Strong and confident, yet demure and mature. Sexy and sensual but beautiful and elegant. Truthful and honest but sensitive and caring. Spiritual but also a party animal. A homebody with a free spirit. A lady fit to be a princess but also a woman who can stand up for herself. Someone who can carry off a kurta and a bikini with the same panache. An old soul with young eyes. a vintage heart with a beautiful mind.

Why do we need to pick from black and white. I like living in shades of grey. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Sweet and spice, naughty and nice, black and white, the calm and the storm, a shot of vodka and a cup of tea, you’re midnight fantasy and your day-dream. A little bit of love and a little bit of lust. A little bit devil, a little bit angel. A piece from heaven and a kiss from hell. A pinch of sour, a splash of red, a cool breeze, the hot loo, Irish coffee, a glass of champagne, the girl next door, the girl at the bar…

A little bit of this, a little bit of that and everything in between…

pixie dust19

A journey of love, life, emotions, feelings & relationships

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