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12 Reasons Why You Should Travel Before Falling in the so called LOVE

1. Exploring places will make your world bigger and choices better. (The more areas or places you go, more people to meet and greet. That’s why it gives you more chances of winning!)

2. We all have the time in the world to be hurt by falling in love. So this might as well fill your heart first with happiness and memories to strengthen your heart’s walls. (Don’t rush to get hurt. You will get there. In the meantime, be happy first)

3. If you’re too broken-hearted, traveling will help you mend even those smallest pieces. (“Leave nothing but heartaches, capture nothing but memories”. That’s the new motto of the single wanderers nowadays.)

4. Meeting new people means a chance of meeting your lost self. (You will be surprised to know that there are things that you do not know about yourself. hehehe)

4. Travelling makes you realize how blessed you are. (You will just probably say, “Oh my God!! Lord, thank you for not giving up on me.)

5. Wandering around will give you knowledge about life that your lover/ ex-lover can not. (Learn to move on sweetheart, don’t be bitter.. hahaha)

6. Collecting IG worth photos are far away better than collecting tear drops from crying. (Post your best and greatest shot until their eyes pop out.)

7. Be a wanderlust and not a craver for lust. (Go to the most distant and remote places so that you can get away from temptations like that!)

8. Travelling will make you happier and younger. (More smile, more beauty.)

9. More mileage you gain, means more courageous you became. (Wow! You’re a different person, you have lots of stories and experiences that gained, that’s why you can’t be fooled anymore. bwahahaha!!)

10. Wandering will definitely drain your wallet but will fill your soul with tremendous positive energy. (You will feel and realize that it’s happy to live for yourself before tying the knot.)

11. Going to places you’ve never been is like knowing a different phase of your life. (You have nothing to lose if you will now fill with answers of your empty jar the “what if” questions.)

12. Do you really need reasons to enjoy your own company before sharing your great life with that one person you haven’t met yet? ( I can’t think of any other reasons, so I just think my way out. hihihi)

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Kavita Sangma

Kavita Sangma · March 20, 2018 at 6:10 pm

” Wandering will definitely drain your wallet but will fill your soul with tremendous positive energy.” hahah this is my favourite point.
Love The blog

Emmylou sotelo

Emmylou sotelo · March 20, 2018 at 6:12 pm

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