Who Are We?

This is a question everyone ends up asking themselves at some point of time, or this might be a question someone else ends up asking you and you realize you might just not know the answer.

Most people think the adequate, appropriate and the most attractive way to answer this question is to make an image of one’s self that seems to be flawless to the others, to make it seem like you are a person who knows to face hardships with elegance, who doesn’t get divert from the required path, who does everything with ease and who’s life is like a fairy tale, but in reality non of this being true.

In a world where you can be anything why do we choose to be scared of accepting who we are, why do we try to create an image of ourselves according to what’s written in the unspoken rule book of the world, just to impress a handful of people.

If people really do care about you they’ll accept you as who you are, so it’s important to understand yourself first, to know who you truly are to answer the question ‘who I am’.
It is our choice to be the listener or to be the speaker, to be the judgemental mind or to be the understanding one, to see the problem of others and turn our backs or to help them out.

It is the choices we make and the decisions we take that defines us, the path you take might be right or wrong, you can never know for sure but it’s all about how you stay true to who you really are and be proud of it.


CeshGius · March 19, 2018 at 6:12 pm

Yes. We can never impress everybody, so we shouldn’t make that our goal. Let’s be who we really are, do what we please as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

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