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Victoria – Part I. Thirty-Seven Years Ago

My Victoria
I met her by accident
A long time ago
We were connected
The force was overpowering
The room disappeared
So, we said our vows
Water garden and champagne
Candlelit quiches
Then to the mountains
Altitude, attitude, and snow
I still miss the stars
Came back to Texas
Work became a bitter struggle
To do the right thing
Dark seas filled my mind
Love could not cure my sickness
My sadness deepened
I pushed her away
I could not be her husband
We unlocked our vows

Victoria – Part II. Thirty-Years Ago

I drifted ashore
Shipwrecked on a desert isle
My skies were empty
I scuttled to work
Like a human hermit crab
Borrowing a shell
Then the darkness passed
For years I tried to find her
Vague odd stories
Sales Executive
Living in California
Medical Company
She had a calling
Bring Jesus to Arabia
A missionary
Sick in a wheelchair
Married to an Egyptian
Some said she had died
I quit after that
I lost hope of finding her
Married sick, or dead
Victoria – Part III. Four Years Ago
Years pass by quickly
Like flipping magazine pages
Sometimes barely read
Twenty-six years
She was still living in my heart
No room for others
I honestly tried
Wonderful worthy women
I would not marry
Then I got a call
From the one I thought was dead
Yes, Victoria
After all these years
God decided to send her back
In a nun’s habit
We met for dinner
She needed a marriage annulment
The Church required it.
When I looked at her
I felt the strong flow of love
Like no time had passed
I did not tell her
She was committed to God
Married to Jesus
But then she told me
Her love for me had never stopped
Her heart was open
If I wanted her
She would leave the sisterhood
To resume our love
We married again
With all the Church’s blessings
Jesus gave her back
She stirs me to love
We exist in together
We breathe each other
When I hold her close
I feel a flow between us
She makes my love real
We prefer to say
Our divorce didn’t work out.
Love is forever

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Von Smith

I am married to the love of my life. I am semi-retired. I started blogging 6 years ago. Now poetry, mostly Haiku.

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