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Hey friends, how are you?? I am back again. But today I will start a story. Basically the story which reflects everyone of us.

The story starts with a 24 year old man, Sam who is suffering from a mental illness which is due to insecurity because of having a serious one-sided love story in the past. Now Sam was searching for an emotional partner who he can share his feelings with & get support. But Sam was happy for what was happening with him daily. He was an average student in his college of engineering, but he was quite happy. He used to have a complete daily routine which started from early morning  & ended late in the night. It included study, responsibility and care & support to his single mother. Although he was a little sad because there were some feelings that he needed to share with someone. Some feelings cannot be shared with each & every person, not also with your closest friends. On 31st December of a year he thought that now he should find someone for that & should stay with her!! After 4-5 days he was attending a carnival alone and he found someone.

Daisy was a 23 year old talented, cute girl who just broke-up with a guy she was with for 6 years. But when they broke-up, Daisy really lost something. Yes, she really lost & found herself alone. But what happens if fortune turns & make people unite? Daisy was on a well known social media & chatting with her friends. She just uploaded a post to her story & Sam saw that. He casually commented -“o.m.g”. Daisy replied “??” Sam- “Nothing, just thought is it heaven or hell?? ” Daisy reacted to that idiotic reply of Sam which naturally nobody does. Sam got amazed after watching that a very popular girl from his locality is talking to him. He thought that Daisy might be the girl which he was looking for & the chatting continued whole night. Sam was a fun loving guy & was able to make people laugh & Daisy was tired from that previous guy, so she was enjoying that. After 2 days, Daisy knocked to Sam & seemed demanding to talk to him. Sam although was busy but he stopped his work & started talking to her. Daisy started telling the story of her love life- break-ups, betrayals. Sam listened everything carefully & felt sorry, because that girl seemed to be innocent. Sam thought he should cope her up.

One day Sam shared his story of failure – those incomplete stories which were very simple but complicated for him. Daisy listened all & gave him consolation & some ideas. Sam thought that this girl may give him the support he needed. He was frank & proposed her. She replied with friendship which may turn into love in future. Sam understood her situation & decided to be friend first. They started meeting. Sam ignored all the flaws that Daisy carried with her. Although they knew each other socially & locally for quite some time, but never talked. Sam & Daisy became good friends. As the days passed, they get closer & closer. Sam thought he may now continue with her.

Sam was careful about Daisy & always kept her happy. When she felt upset about her previous relation, he offered his shoulder to let her cry on. Day by day he sacrificed his daily schedule & gave Daisy time as much as he could. He always respected her talent, always cheered her to convert her emotion into her talent, always do well – feel well. Daisy was a good singer, Sam always told to his college friends & shared her records with his friends. But for Sam, Daisy was very important, because he was a big fan of her, she was his pride.

Now after 4-5 weeks, Daisy seemed to be ready & free from her ex-memories. Sam was very happy. But what happens if fortune plays ?? Sam wasn’t a smart guy so he wasn’t introduced with Daisy’s friends. But he tried to introduce himself. Sam enjoyed the most beautiful evenings of Valentine week with Daisy. Sam really fell in love with Daisy. The care became Love. He didn’t know, but it happened. But what happens if ?

On 14th february, Shawn texted daisy. By the way, Shawn was the ex-boyfriend of Daisy. Daisy told Sam, she seemed so much uneasy. Sam estimated what was coming. He felt satisfied with that smile on Daisy’s face, but also felt uneasy. Maybe, he felt some insecurity. But Sam remembered that he became friend with her to give her company, now she has recovered from that mental trauma, so he was happy. But, in the mean time, he started loving her – really & he realized that this was the first time when he saw her happy. Sam was now in a situation which is called “Rebound”. Maybe he really was A rebound to Daisy. But he never felt that.

As the days passed, Daisy started ignoring Sam. The girl who told every story of her life to Sam, now started avoiding him !! Sam understood what was going on. He thought that Daisy must react if he also ignored her, but Daisy didn’t reply. One night when they were talking, Daisy told that Shawn is coming in her mind. Sam told her to text Shawn. After few minutes Daisy was happy & it was because of the return of Shawn. Sam lost his patience & told her to go back to Shawn. Sam & Daisy started a debate which lead to her decision to stay single & alone for the rest of life. Next morning Sam texted her with the warm wishes for her future life. Daisy also replied with the best wishes for the future life of Sam & she was thankful for Sam to make her comfortable that time.

But Sam was heartbroken. He was really at a stage that he was never before. He couldn’t forget her, but she didn’t care about Sam – the guy who helped her after she broke-up & mentally broke down. Sam tried to talk to her, but he didn’t found her helpful. Sam also quarreled with her because he thought that she used him & left alone. But Daisy didn’t reply!! It is not that Daisy had used him, but it made Sam think differently. Sam was now having a mental trauma for love & relationship. He was getting mad.

What shall Sam do now?? Daisy will not come back. Shawn decided to stay single, Daisy also willing to stay single. Daisy had forgiven Shawn already. So what shall Sam do now?? Will he end his life, will he forget her or will he try to be with her??

Guys this is story of Rebound. We all know what happens, but Sam didn’t know that it will become so hard. Now it is up to Sam.

Let us see what he can do in the next post!!

Share your opinions what Sam can follow in future.

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