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Nouns and Verbs

Everybody likes nouns
Nouns are answers, dammit!
Who am I?
A teacher, a father, a brother, a son.
Firm, unequivocal,
Nouns are the solid stones
Upon which we build
The castles of our identity.

I have news for you,
Nouns are illusions,
Nouns are only quick snapshot
Of some greater arc.
You can hear nouns humming,
Their internal fractal machinery
Creaking and groaning
To maintain appearances.

Let go of nouns.
Step into the torrent of verbs.
We are whispering trajectories
Of processes,
Unfolding, dying, being born,
Sparkling across the sky
In meteor trails of abandoned nouns,

What we are,
Is becoming.
We manifest,
We iterate,
We burn
Oh God, how we burn!

Profile photo of Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton

I write poetry, short prose and songs. I have several books on Amazon which nobody has read. I accept this with good grace.

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