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Do You Dare to Care?

This poem is about the tears I cry because of some evil ones who have stolen my teenage son. I have not spoken to him in nearly a year. I don’t know where he is, or who has him, anymore. Contact with my entire family has been lost and the sad truth is that my children and grandchildren are the only family I have had in my life for many years. A single mom in this world, just trying to get by and find my own piece of happiness that comes from the love of a family unit. This story I have to tell, is one that should never be in this world, or happening in the land of America where so many Christians, who tend to pride themselves on how much they love God and honor His ways. I have been forced to flee to safety in a far off land so that my truth may be told as the story I have to share probably would bring forth the biggest RICO case that the land of America has ever seen. And the ugliest truth is, that the law enforcement, who is paid for by tax paying workers, American citizens, Christians included, has failed to do their job to protect the innocent and instead chose to beat me up and charge me with false charges just a year ago, in March of 2016. Of which, all charges have been dropped. My charges were, Misuse of Calling 911 and Resisting Arrest. I did not commit either offense. They Photoshopped my mugshot, to make me look crazy. However, they took their stretching and skewing of my mugshot a little too far and it is very easy to see that the photo has been manipulated. My life is not the only one at stake but, I am the key to the truth of the story. I continue to hold hope, that you people in America, especially the Christians, will finally start showing that you care about what your tax paying dollars pay for. I once used to pay those same taxes, so basically, I have paid for my own abuse from these tyrants. What a disgusting truth, that is. I do not stake that same claim to be that “Proud American” that so many shout out that they are and proudly fly that flag. I personally find what goes on within the borders of America and the wars that they bring to other countries for no other reason than to dominate the lives of others, to be extremely disgusting. Oh what a sad and sorrowful truth, that every person who lives in America ( The land of Babylon) truly needs to come to accept. Change for a better country and a better world begins with each and every person, as an individual. As one small kind act can change a person’s entire day and possibly their entire life, for the better. I pray and hope this concept of loving and charitable kindness may grow in the land of America and I pray for President Trump and his staff, that they are the ones to keep pushing forth the changes needed at the government level, covered in God’s protection so that God’s will may be done.

In the meantime, I am going to keep sharing my truth, as best I can because this ugly truth needs to be understood so that it never happens again.

Our children and I am not just referring to my own, need us adults to care for them, keep them safe, and teach them the right ways. Which is very simply to be loving, kind, caring, and compassionate and that is easily taught by the example we all lead.


These tears I cry,

Do you know why?

Do you care,

If I share?

These woes in me,

That have come to be.

All from within,

This broken world,

We live in.

Where children are harmed,

And forced into sin,

Against their free will,

By evil men.

Do you dare?

To show that you care?

To put on and wear,

This yoke of mine?

For the truth be told,

My burden so old,

That came to be,

In this same world you see.

Do you desire,

To help carry my cross?

Heavy it is,

With burdens of sin.

The sins of those,

Who do not show,

The true mask they wear,

For they choose,

To hide,

From you and I.

The truth of all,

The crimes they have done.

So horrifying they be,

To the mother of a son,

Whose heart still cries,

For far to long.

Longing for,

That day to come,

For the wounds within,

This mothers heart,

That has become,

Just this broken soul,

From all their sin.

Will the day ever come,

That this heart mine,

Finally to mend?

From all that sin,

Of those evil men.


Here is a link to my blog post that explains the truth of the crimes I speak of that has put a price on not only my life, but the lives of many other innocent humans who do not deserve to die, just so they can hide the truth of their evil crimes.

The Crime of 1997 in Modesto, CA yet to Receive Justice

I spend my days, doing my best to remain joyful as I stay in constant prayer and I know that God is listening and changes have been made as certain corrupt officials that I have stood against in the past have been removed from their positions. I am so thankful for that but, that does not change the fact that this story should remain untold to the masses, worldwide. My great sword, is the sword of truth. Please pray for America and the people who live there, including those who have committed such evil acts upon others. Pray that they see the err of their ways and surrender their will to God for their souls are important to God, also.

Poetry has become my source of a healing outlet that God has blessed me with as creative expression of ones pain and suffering is much better than seeking vengeance for oneself or others.

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Leslee Logan

A woman on a journey of love with our Lord Jesus. Seeking within, to find the Love that once seemed lost.


Lindsey Thomas · March 19, 2018 at 7:08 pm

The enemy comes in and tears the family group
The television seems to be set on a loop
There’s few who love and fewer who respect
These loving gestures Satan deflects
The deceiver of old slithers around
Silently sneaky, his lies abound
The ones you’re afraid he’s taken away
Might start working for Jesus one day
Let your life shine His glorious light
Because everything can change overnight
Pray for Jesus to return right now
So every eye looks up and every mouth says, “Wow!”

I hope your family unit mends
I hope you have some caring friends
There’s so much we can pray for these days
Like the drug epidemic and alcohol craze
The taking of innocence from the young
The addition of sex and profanities in songs
The secret language of tech abounding
Won’t stop the trumpets of the Lord from sounding
Jesus is coming on the clouds for His chosen
To destroy the wicked, and expose the Higgs Boson
Be ready for Him when he comes
Until then march to the beat of your drum

Drew mullings

Drew mullings · March 27, 2018 at 10:07 pm

Touching, I feel for you

Drew mullings

Drew mullings · March 27, 2018 at 10:12 pm

looked at crime in modesta 1997 but cant find

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