Dear Universe

Dear Universe,
I don’t fully understand what you are trying to imply about this.
Are you trying to tell me to be courageous and start the first move?
Are you trying to tell me to be patient and just wait for him?
Are you trying to tell me to be smart and just move on from all this shit?
Have you ever tried loving someone, someone really close to you but he doesn’t feel the same?
Loving him is beautiful, but also a mess. He who cares and doesn’t at the same time. And it pains me everytime I think of him and how things could possibly be had he felt the same way.
Loving him is a mess, but it was beautiful. He taught me things I never knew I would be able to do.
Kindly guide me on this journey. I have never been this lost before. Please lead me to where I’m supposed to be.

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