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You bloom
like you were
supposed to,

i watch
for it makes
me happy too,

neither owns
a guaranteed
eternity of time,

yet we do
what brings
joy to our own hearts,

i write
and you wonder
if it’s about you,

you paint
and i look for colours
that might say your mind,

i sing stolen lyrics
while you gauge
the beats of the heart,

there is comfort in distance
when each to the other
is a shining star,

the whole galaxy
only works
when each shines it’s own,

wanting desperately to
yet not falling
into each other’s arms.

© vidursahdev 2018

Profile photo of Vidur Sahdev

Vidur Sahdev

Hi, I write on my blog what comes to mind, and the mind is often as restless as the unpredictable waves.

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