A Tiny Horror Story

It was a mundane night. You woke up from a sound, which came from outside the window or your dreams – you are not sure. You woke up. That’s what matters. You sigh, staring at the ceiling idly, debating if you should get up.

You don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed. It’s dark and cold out there, and even though, you’re an adult, you still remember stories about Boogeyman and monsters hiding in the wardrobe.

Your sigh is longer this time. The thoughts running in your head and replaying every cheap scare you ever had as a child, irritate you. You groan. There is no choice but to get up now. You are an adult. Nature’s call is not that easy to ignore anymore.

You grumble and slide out of the warm embrace of blankets and step into the pitch-black wilderness of a sleeping house. The wicked shadows are crawling up the walls, and you swear that come the morning, you will throw away the eerie ticking clock, together with the scratching, howling, creeping pets.

You walk further along the corridor, suppressing a childish urge to dash. It’s a silly premonition. Monsters do not hide in the dark, they most probably sit somewhere high and broadcast their wickedness onto the masses during the rush hours.

You exhale heavily. The scare does not want to let you go. It is tickling your back, making your hair rise and heart beat faster. You roll your eyes – every God damn.

You stop. Something flickers in the periphery of your gaze, and you really should know better, but you turn. You do not know what you have expected to see but it’s just a mirror. Sure, one can argue that there is nothing more terrifying than to see your own tired reflection but it’s not Freddy, so chill, right?

You roll your eyes again and prepare to turn, when something bizarre happens – your reflection does not copy the movement. It’s frozen. Its eyes wild and petrified. You frown, coming closer. Your reflection unfreezes and does the same, and you are ready to write it off as a shadow play, when it abruptly stops and stares at you in terror. Your frown deepens. You come nose-to-nose with it and tap on the mirror. It screams and runs away.

You stare dumbfounded into an empty mirror and a truly horrifying thought visits you – what if that was not your reflection… what if you are?

Lizardin Bain

Occasional writer, vocational dreamer, helpless romantic, and hypocritical cynic. Find me here: https://unoriginalnotes.com


maskeddisguise · March 20, 2018 at 5:03 pm

Wow ! The ending was…. Boom ! Mind blown !

Patti Moore Wilson, wednesdayschild2 · March 20, 2018 at 9:36 pm

Oh VERY creepy…and I am a big fan of creepy. I will remember this one next time my bladder wakes me up in the night…

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