When Scars Weren’t Enough

She took the razor blade,
To her already scarred skin.
Seeing each scar,
And all she wanted was to make more.
Each cut,
Had its own story.
Each one,
Unique, big, small, deep, and different.

Smoe have had time to heal,
But you could still see the pain they held.
Others still so fresh,
Just like the hurt you could see in her eyes.

Her own mind,
Was her biggest enemy.
She already knew,
She was nothing to no one.
Hearing it everyday from them,
Like she needed to hear it from the voice in her head.

It all,
Just became so unbearable.
No matter what she did.
Never made anything better.
She was always the mistake,
She wanted to end her misery.

This time it wouldn’t be a scar,
She decided it would be the end of it all.
She thought of all the abuse, neglect, and bullying,
And felt every emotion deeply.
She thought of every hurt, pain, and tear,
Again she knew what it was to be shattered.

She thought of every broken promise,
And she felt let down again.
She thought of every rejection, judgement, and abandonment,
And remembered how lonely she really was.
Every cut she made,
Was just enough to ease the pain.
To release the darkest emotion,
And feel something that made her know she was still alive.

But now,
It wouldn’t be enough.
It was time,
For her to finally end it.
She’s making their lives easier,
Without her existing.
She only got in the way,
She told herself.
It would be the biggest favor,
She could ever do for them.

She came into this world alone,
At least she would be leaving the same way.
She finally,
Cut her wrists so deep,
She started crying,
From the extreme relief.

She watched as her blood,
Flowed from her arms.
As she payed attention,
To every last breath.
She had never felt so calm and scared,
Yet she had never felt so sure about anything in her life.

She closed her eyes,
And listened to her heartbeat.
As she felt the warmth,
Of the pool of blood forming around her.
Each beat slower than the last,
The last thing that left her lips,
I hope this makes them happy.
As her last tears fell,
She closed her eyes and let her soul slip away.

Grace Tremblay

Just a 21 soon to be 22 year old who loves to write when she can. When she is inspired.


maskeddisguise · March 19, 2018 at 9:01 pm

Did my heart just break ? Did it scatter to a million fragments ? Yes. Yes it did. So painful to read, written with exquisite beauty.

    Grace · March 20, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Thank you so much.

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