What’s Done is Done. What’s Gone is Gone. One of Life’s Lesson is Moving On.

Mistakes. Regrets. These are what make life a whirlwind adventure. When we commit mistakes, we tend to run away from the consequences. By denying what we have done, we are only tying ourselves to the situation and prolonging our agony over it. That’s where regret comes in. We then regret our decisions that led us to that situation. We regret committing the same mistakes that we had done.

As we continue to ponder on that regret that we feel, we are also losing the chance to comprehend the lesson that we are supposed to learn from it. I believe that through every mistake that we do, a lesson appears for us to learn and use in our future decisions. It is up to us to choose whether we’ll continue to regret what was already committed or move forward and accept the fact that we did wrong and learn from it. Once we have moved on, that is when life continues it’s journey. That is when we escape from the cycle that we created around that mistake.

We cannot say that we no longer would commit any errors in our life. There is no certainty on that. The only thing certain now is that we’ve learned something that could help avoid committing the same mistake we did in the past. We should not allow ourselves to worry to what other errors would happen in the future. We should live in the present. Let me quote a saying from buddha, “Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Then we could finally say that we are back the on track of life.

Ace Centeno

An ordinary girl aspiring to write my thoughts into words to inspire others. For more of my Works, follow me @ https://aceofquill.wordpress.com/

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