The Strong, Wise, Independent Girl that I Am Today Is All Because of My Father. Love you Papa.

It was my school annual function and I was performing onstage for the very first time for the fancy dress competition. Papa dressed me into a junglee girl with all the leaves around me painted green and white and out of surprise I won the prize. My dad was happy, cheering. I remember when I was in 2nd class, I stood first in the class, dad was so happy that he got sweets and juices for all staff members and my friends. He gifted me my first bicycle which he got from other town. He traveled only to get it.

It was then when I was in 3rd, I met with a horrible accident which almost took away my life. Papa was in Delhi for training. Mom was alone in a newly shifted town. She, with the help of others, admitted me to the hospital and got me operated. When my dad was back and saw me lying on bed, he fainted there and then. It was that moment when I was precious to him, my mom said.

I scored a 10/10 on a silly English test at school. When I came back home and told him about it, he said ​it call​ed ​for a celebration. It wasn’t a big deal but yet, told mom to cook something special and made me believe like I was the smartest kid. He got me everything before I could ask for. May it be a phone, bike, laptop, or anything I would ask him. Anything! No matter how expensive it was, he got it for me.

I never let hmi down. I always stood first in class and I was a topper. This always made him proud and happy. I always wanted to see him happy and that is the reason I used to study well. Right from the start till the 10th grade, dad tied my shoe laces and filled water bottle for me. This is something I can never forget. He made sure, every Saturday our white dresses are properly ironed and neatly pleated. When I think of this, it’s just that he lived his life just for us. My mom, my sister and me.

Yet, now I am going through so many ups and downs in my life and my dad is still standing and guarding me. It has become his life’s motto to keep me happy. I cant expect anything more than this in my life.

My life with papa calls for celebration every now and then. No matter what, he stands by me like a pillar and never lets me down. I can literally say, I am born to the king. I being the princesses. We fight with each other, not less like a world war but yet come together after time and laugh. We cry ,laugh, dance and celebrate. Love between us has no words to describe.

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maskeddisguise · March 18, 2018 at 10:02 pm

Father’s are truly the best ! ❤️

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