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Not Too Long Ago

I spent time with an old friend, a woman known for thirty or so years

Her world, I envied as she sold all of her possessions a few years ago

She traveled to a place then another and another to work, and live, to find the culture

and hearts of the world by experiences, exploring trails, hills, snows and rain

I’ve also had contact through the wire, and talk, we laugh! There is joy!

“I envy” as my voice calmed and with her gaze she said, “Join me”

Ahhhhh, did my heart tempt my mind to run, give it all to the road

See the people and creatures that gallop or slink high and low!

Dammit! You know I wanted!

But here are my parents, who depend on me, my small work, and

modest clutch of close friends, built over years and tears

As I know her to be a seeker, behind her eye I see her loneliness

If you know me, this in itself is almost enough to make the sale

But she must go ways she feels the need, love of her friends

carry her on her path, known and cherished as she takes that

highway from New Jersey to Montana to find horses in the

high country live with metamorphic timepieces and winter/spring

even in the wide summer sun.

If you seek, may this ease your cravings

Walk with me now, passing columned pine and fir spires dark green against the deepest blue

Breathe it! It is the breath that completes it! Reach down, we will grab stones

to disturb the still pools and laugh at tickling breezes, because the smiles are what make us whole!

Dip your fingers. Have you ever felt such coldness?! There is beauty in the expression.

Express from your soul as it needs to speak the most! Let the distant roar of gusts in high trees

remind you of comfort and the warmth that is here, now!

Tonight, the stars will wash the darkness as you have never seen… you haven’t! Trust me.

And you may discover the hollow cries of the wolves are not as sorrowful as wild with open song and harmony with the giving soils.

Today, we are sharing this.

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Doug Nelson

An artist/cartographer that writes some


maskeddisguise · March 18, 2018 at 1:55 pm

So deep and so moving ❤️
Beautifully written !

Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson · March 18, 2018 at 6:50 pm

Thank you!

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