The lightning struck, and I was shattered,

To uncountable tiny, little, toothless pieces.

I was burned from the inside with hellish pain.

So profound was the experience – I forgot my name.

I forgot my face. I forgot myself. We started a new life.

Different creatures were born, when the lightning struck.

We were empty, and I was lost. We hadn’t a clue how to feel.

We began a new chapter, bumping into crazed monkeys –

I couldn’t talk. We couldn’t cry. I couldn’t dream. We didn’t heal,

And I lived, and we moved. I have breathed. A doll. A shell.

I was cast away. We were raped repeatedly. It was hell,

But I pushed through the slime and grime of emptiness.

I got to the other side. It burned us harshly. We gagged and trembled.

We turned around and flew back to the swamp, embracing nothingness.

I hid there. We procrastinated, barely having the wish to glimpse outside.

It took ages, eons! and variety of mistakes to crawl to the light,

To start picking up the decaying pieces, to vomit the bullshit that we ate.

It took us so long….so very long, to get myself up and congregate.

Lizardin Bain

Occasional writer, vocational dreamer, helpless romantic, and hypocritical cynic. Find me here:

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maskeddisguise · March 19, 2018 at 9:03 pm

Painfully beautiful !

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