Once upon a time, I went on a quest
To find answers for life
And its multiple choice test
I searched the world far and wide
So the answers could be given to me
But it wasn’t until this one night when I went to sleep
And, heard a voice speak within my dream
Saying, “Hello chile”

I looked around, said, “Who are you?”
It was an elderly woman with
A large silver-grey afro,
The size of the moon
I caught her piercing gaze
Through her slit eyes that looked
Completely black
They were being drug down
By her lead weighted under-eye bags
And then this old woman smiled
Which only deepened her already
Grand Canyon sized creases
She said:

I am your great-great grandmother
Descendant of the first mother
Portal for which came all others
I am the woman who endured months of
Soul and flesh creating pregnancy
I am the soul that ceased to exist
So that your’s may persist
And carry on our bloodline, our legacy

Though this old woman answered
I still didn’t comprehend
So I asked this woman
Who she was again

I looked to where she was before
But she was no longer there
And when I finally placed her
She was different
Now younger, no wrinkles
And a sun-sized black mane for hair
Whereas before she wore all white
Now she stood muscular, and bare
She answered
Much louder and with conviction:

I am your great-great
Greatest of strength
Greatest of downfall
And your resurrection –
Your greatest of wins
I am your greatest tests set before you…
Your greatest accomplishments
I am the greatest of all greats for which you should know
I am the great – great which you must tap into
To succeed at your inner and outer growth

Deeply touched by this woman’s claims
I was inclined to know her name
Since she had not told me this,
I asked her once again,
Who are you?

This time the woman had left from the room
And when I looked to see where she had gone
I was met with a gaze
That was similiarly my own
She spoke:

I am you
The material of your flesh
Held together by the carbon of
My once upon breath
My blood-cell ships
Flow through the red Nile
Of your veins
I am the carpenter that built
The staircase of your ascending DNA
I am the programmer that
Plugged myself into your code
Allowing myself presence in your personality
And your features: our eyes, hand, feet, ears
And nose
Our beings merged into one vessel
So there’s no denying that you are we

The entire time as I gazed upon my reflection
I experienced a sort of inception
For when she–I spoke,
I didn’t hear it
But I felt it
This time not saying anything aloud
Out of pure shock
I didn’t speak, feeling
As though she already knew my thoughts

But as time went, I understood
A bit more clear
I sat to think on her answer
But after a while realized she had disappeared
And instead there was an orbit of light here
I was incognizant of the fact
That I was still in a dream
I thought to myself
Can this orbit of light speak, what is this creature,
This being?
But despite these thoughts
My reasoning proved lost as I asked,
Who and what could you possibly be

This orbit of light that was small in size
Now grew to great magnitude
It entered itself into my flesh
And extended beyond the enclosed room
It sent its coded message directly into my brain

I am
I am that which extends beyond time and dates
I am undefinable yet,
Sensed in immeasurable ways
I am that which lacks form
But that which forms all
A part of all, but not attached
I am
The objective in the purest form
I am
As I always will be
And was before

It was at this point I realized
I couldn’t sense anything
I realized I was gazing upon the earth
But couldn’t sense that I had a body
So convinced I was
That this was no longer a dream
As I looked upon a human made sea
Of people engaging in daily activities
But upon further inspection
Revealed that each shared my face
Bared my reflection
And that’s when I felt it
Each of their thoughts, feelings
Each of their joys, each of their fears
But this feeling didn’t come from out of nowhere
It reanimated as something I had always known
Something that had always been here

That’s when I heard the faint whisper from afar

And I
And I
And I
It’s what you currently feel
It’s you’ve always seen
For I and I
Means that
Am all of we

NaKiima Reid

Creative writer for NLRWrites.com.


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