Dark Angels

I met a woman today who taught me a lesson.

I was at the mall,
buying stuff, just groceries really!
Teenagers were booming in the too loud voices they use.
The muzak was oozing in the air.

I walked down the ramp towards the carpark.
And there she was,
sitting on the concrete ramp.
Her feet straight out in front of her,
pointing down the ramp.
Her back vertical,
her head faced towards the carpark and it never turned.
‘Are you alright?’ I asked.
Stupid really!
She was sitting where no one sat,
where no one was supposed to sit.
Maybe she fell,
maybe she was drunk.
But no!
‘I’m dying,’ she said
‘You’ll be alright,’ I assured her.
Stupid again!
‘No,’ she said, ‘I only have two weeks to live.’
Not much you can say to that.
When she spoke, her head remained still
but her eyes looked up at me,
And there were dark angels there.
‘Would you like some help?’ I said
‘Yes’ she said.
A passer-by went to get security.
She said ‘Say good bye to Doctor Fuller for me’
I said ‘Of course I will.’

I stayed with her until the security came.
Then I left her,
I got in my car.
We live our lives,
partly sleeping
but all the while dark angels circle us all

Jeff Burton

I write poetry, short prose and songs. I have several books on Amazon which nobody has read. I accept this with good grace.

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maskeddisguise · March 18, 2018 at 8:19 pm

Oh god ! Heart-wrenching 🙁

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