Mother Earth
She sits and waits for the rainfall, and drinks his nectar juice.
She sits and waits for wind force, he breathes life down to her roots.
She sits among the water, as it rushes to kiss the shore.
She sits among the flowerbed, as he shines o’er, evermore.
She sits beneath the stars, he glimmers to comfort her through darkness.

Earth Mother
Give her a tree and she’ll give you money.
Give her branches to make you a fire.
Give her bark, to make you a net.
Give her leaves, and she’ll make you a basket.
Give her a glade, and she’ll build you a house.
Give her a stream and she’ll build you a pool.
Give her a sperm and she’ll give you a baby.
Give her some cloth and she’ll make you some clothes.
With the net and the basket, she has provided tools to hunt fish!
Give her a kitchen and she’ll cook your fish!

The moral of the story! Whatever you give to a woman, whether it’s physical or emotional – if you’re treating her well, she will give it all back to you, multiplied! She responds best – to desire and love!
Abuse her – and suffer the consequences!

Money really does grows on trees! Money is feminine abundance, it belongs to Mother Earth!
Money, it’s made from paper and paper is made from wood, wood belongs to trees!

She, is the tree of life!

Kelly Bristow

I'm a nerdy gal, love exploring cultures, traditions and other unusual escapades. I have a wild imagination and share all manner of crazy and zany daydreams.

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