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For someone who can boast of a long string of broken relationships way early in my life, I like to think I have come a long way since. Being a geeky individual, the only thing about love I knew came from romance novels; and classic literature does make you set some really high standards which are way too difficult to bypass in the real world.

To me, love was a feeling that went beyond physical beauty and superficial impressions. “I Love You” to me meant the world and beyond. I was this hopelessly desperate teen-adult, who had envisioned a gloriously pristine relationship with an equally willing human, that would, with the passage of time, turn into something so beautiful, that we’d be tempted to share it with the entire world.

But, we all know how different “Love” is in the real world. People are damaged, and in the quest of healing themselves, they damage the ones they meet along. “I Love Yous” and other mushy declarations of love are just overused phrases that are more often than not taken just at their face values. I guess it was because of having experienced this very early in my “love life”, I found it hard to believe your confession of love. In the initial days, I was in two minds when you said your love went beyond just my face.

There are times when I sit alone and ponder upon all the things you’ve said and try to disintegrate everything, trying to find flaws. I’m often left empty-handed, for I find absolutely no cracks in the words you’ve said. The fact that you make me no false promises, makes me believe that you love me to the extent you humanly can.

Now, I do not doubt your love, it’s just that my mind at times needs reassurance that I’m doing the right thing. Choosing you over the others was the best decision I’ve made. We may not always be happy with each other, and we are fairly unsure of what the future holds, but the fact that we choose to stay together no matter how miserable we make each other makes me feel incredibly blessed.

You and I may not be the best for each other, but I promise you a wonderfully amazing journey of a thousand vivid dreams, writing marvelous stories to cherish a lifetime and more.


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Nicole Machado

I am the calm one seeks in life's chaos! Writing is my path to euphoria!


maskeddisguise · March 18, 2018 at 10:06 am

Oh the dilemma of finding the truth behind his words ! Wonderfully written !

charlesbenz27 · March 18, 2018 at 2:58 pm


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