I Am that I Am

This scriptural phrase is very powerful when used accordingly. As to apply positive affirmations to oneself, especially for anyone who has endured some type of traumatic mental/emotional abuse, is very empowering.

As one speaks positive affirmations over oneself, one then begins to encode these truths into the blueprint memory of their DNA. Positive affirmations cause for a positive electrical charge to happen within and by so creates inner light and where there is light, no darkness may exist.

I know that specifically, in the United States of America, there are so, so many people who have endured abuse. Many from childhood and I hope this will help those who need it, to truly uplift themselves. I know and I understand the trauma that so many have endured in the nation of America as I have personally experienced it and I have witnessed it all around in every community I have spent time in. Sometimes, abuse is only verbal and emotional and that type of abuse is more damaging in the long term to a person than any physical abuse as those physical wounds heal and only the scars remain.

Yet that verbal abuse can become a broken record of torment in ones own thoughts and there is no physical scars for the outside world to see as a person suffers in ways that others around them do not understand. Physical scars are visible, emotional wounds are the ones hidden in darkness, which is why God promised to expose the things that have been done in darkness because there are many who have been under the influence of verbal/emotional abuse that is only done to them when others are not around to witness it.

I know the signs of such behavior and it has been happening in America, much more than people realize. It has been happening in homes, schools, places of employment, and even places of worship, the churches. Even one little snide remark comment from a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a roommate, a friend, etc. that may seem to be innocent sarcasm of picking on someone, is in fact verbal/emotional abuse and is something that should not be.

If your words are not positive, kind, and uplifting, then they should not be spoken at all. My momma taught me that if I didn’t have something nice to say to a person, then I shouldn’t say anything to them, at all. In other words do not speak words that tear a person down and make them feel less than.

Kindness to everyone you meet should be a practice we all apply to ourselves. True kindness, from the heart and not that kindness that is displayed because one knows that is what is expected or needed to get what they want.

I was very little when my momma taught me this and I have always done my best to apply this concept to myself in my daily life. Speaking ones truth and speaking words with intent to cut down and emotionally harm another, are two completely different concepts and should not be confused with one another as it is the intention of the heart that makes the difference. These I Am statements are very effective and in truth every minister, priest, and counselor who is counseling a victim of abuse, a broken soul, should be teaching these to give the tool of self-empowerment to the person who seeks to overcome what once was done to them.


I Am loved

I Am love

I Am loving

I Am kind

I Am caring

I Am compassionate

I Am forgiving

I Am forgiven

I Am forgiveness

I Am healthy

I Am healed

I Am blessed

I Am a blessing

I Am successful

I Am wealthy

I Am charitable

I Am giving

I Am wise

I Am humble

I Am gentle

I Am peaceful

I Am worthy

I Am accepting

I Am accepted

I Am honest

I Am truthful

I Am pure

I Am Holy

I Am a Child of the Almighty

I Am a Child of the Light


For these are the truths that Jesus speaks of you.

One may speak over oneself whatever positive I Am statements that one’s spirit from within leads one to speak over oneself for the specific healing that one may need. Seek within the heart center, where spirit resides to defeat the lies taught to the ego mind.

May God Almighty bring His loving and comforting presence upon all those who seek it.


Leslee Logan

Leslee Logan

A woman on a journey of love with our Lord Jesus. Seeking within, to find the Love that once seemed lost.

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