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Fighting The Loneliness – Part 1

Sitting in the sandpit everyday and hollering my name to the moon, I can’t stop shouting “Life is a bitch!!!”.

Why can I not have love like any other person? Is there no lady who understands me? Who cares for me and loves me? Is there no lady who checks on me every minute or with whom I can have a late night phone conversation? Why can I not have a life like any other person?

You agree with me that every human being has the right to be loved but what I don’t understand is why can I not experience it? I keep fighting the loneliness every day but things never get better. I grow jealous when I see couples holding hands, kissing in malls, restaurants, hypermarkets and gardens. Why can’t I be there?

Nevertheless, I stand tall. I will keep searching till I find the right person. I will keep my head up, no matter what because I believe there is a Lady who loves me. For now, still I rise.

Profile photo of Nkwenkam Momekam Tite

Nkwenkam Momekam Tite

I am Nkwenkam Momekam Tite born in October 25 1997 in Heidelberg... I am an author, a blogger n a human rights activist in the Pan African Human Rights Defenders Network...

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