Don’t ever forget your identity ✔️

Even when you’re living in a way that seems to diminish your skills, don’t ever forget your identity. Even when people around you treat you as someone not worthy for a single glance, don’t ever forget your identity. Even when they just pass you by as if you’re just a wall, don’t forget your identity. Even when everything seems to be pointing your worth downwards, don’t ever forget your identity.

You have to fill yourself with courage to accept things. Do things which somehow are not part of the world you are expecting. Doing the little and the simplest task that you think there’s something more you could give rather than sticking posters on a wall. Rather than doing errands that do not maximize your potential; intellectually and socially.

Consider this as a testing. You have experience being placed at the bottom so that when it’s your time to be at the top, you know how these two worlds work. You will have that appreciative spirit for those who are working at the bottom. At the same time a humble heart when you’re at the peak of success.

Remember, the only constant in this world is change. If you are at the heel of the mountain right now, there will be the time you will see yourself at the mountain top.

How? Simple. Never be stagnant like a clogged drainage canal. Trash away thoughts not essential to your growth and collect those things that motivate you.

Don’t just give up. Never forget your identity and run the race with gladness.

Never leave your dreams on the corner because maybe there will come a time, you might forget them. Your identity is much more important than things that are happening on the outside. Don’t let the negativity of this world mold you into something worthless and not essential. It is inside you, your identity, your creativity, your loving kindness, your intellectual ability, your skills and talents, your possibilities and your opportunities.

It is all within you.

God bless.

With all kindness,


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