“I will not pass on my suffering but my wisdom”

Caroline Myss

This quote was from a Ted talk speech I saw on YouTube called “Choices that can Change your Life.” I would have to say that, that speech was one of the most powerful and influential¬† speeches I have ever heard. Because all the words that were spoken were the truth.

It was life changing for me because I knew already that I had to make major changes in my life, if I was going to survive it. It came at the right time because it was a time I needed to choose. Choose to live or choose to die. But more then that choose how I was going to live.

I had wallowed in my depression along time. I was faking away my life, smiling through a thousand tears. I could just barely find the positive in anything anymore. I believe I was at my lowest point in life ever.

As I listened to this Ted talk, I realized that I had the choice. I had the choice to not be defeated. I had the right to choose. The power of choice. We are some times, maybe most of the time afraid of choice, because we have to live with the consequences of our choices, and that can be scary or that’s when we can rather see the beauty of those consequences or as I now call them lessons.

Its all in our words the words we chose to tell ourselves. Take a listen to the first things you think in the morning. And the last things you think at night. If it has anything to do with… I hate, I can’t stand, or any toxic words of that nature, that is the reality you are creating for yourself. Once I started changing my words from I don’t like this or that to can do this, I can do that, and being thankful for simply existing, I began to actually thrive at life.

Perfecting the art of living. In life you will always experience the ups and downs life can throw at you. But if we can see living as an art, like everything we go through as a brush stroke and we learn what brush stroke produces what result, we will ever be growing. But it always starts with the choice to see it that way. Choose to learn the lessons and let them make you better.

It’s a journey to figure out how to accept the things we go thru and how to achieve change, but it’s a beautiful journey if you let it.

Akua Salomeh

Akua Salomeh

The most creative I feel is when I'm writing. About life, about navigating through life, and figuring out how to live the best life we have been given.

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