I fall short of words to explain how I feel these days. I get bored easily, leave books unfinished, movies and tv series unwatched, music doesn’t soothe me as it used to. I guess it’s a part of growing up. But, is it really?

I look forward to late nights instead of early mornings. Going from being a morning person to a person who now stays up all night without a single yawn has not been easy. But that’s life, isn’t it? Changes are inevitable. The things you wish remain same are the ones that change at the fastest pace. The people you wish stay forever are the ones who leave you stranded. I’ve always found the universe’s way of mocking us humans quite amusing.

We as children have always been taught to never quit, to never go down without a fight for the things or people we love; to hold on to every ounce of hope and pray to the divine powers to help us cope. But isn’t sometimes quitting the best resort? Doesn’t quitting require the most effort? To me, it requires more guts than continuing. Cause when you quit, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. And aren’t we humans well versed at exploiting the fragile ones? But then I guess this is just my mind’s lame attempt at making me feel at peace with the decisions I’ve made, which sure involves quitting when I see no point in continuing.

But the question is, whether I regret any of it? Honestly, I don’t. For I see no good coming from things that exploit my emotions and leave me high and dry. For me, thinking about myself in such situations is the ultimate goal. And if that involves leaving things, I see no shame in walking away. Cause at the end of the day it’s my life and if i don’t take charge who will?


Nicole Machado

Nicole Machado

I am the calm one seeks in life's chaos! Writing is my path to euphoria!

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