Being Positive

”Your positive action combined with positive thinking, results in success”.

Keeping a positive thinking is one of the best trait one can inherit from their parents. It can also be developed by being in a good surrounding. Why I am taking about positive thinking today? Well I have encountered a person who is my companion and he extracts negative things from everything and anything the other person does or talk. I had seen him having a pleasure in taking out the faults from other’s work. He feels that everyone is inferior to him and he is the superior and his facts are accurate. For instance, a female companion of mine was excited because it was her birthday. Instead of wishing her, he said, ”You are a fool to be happy on your birthday. Rather, you should be sad that one day is getting extracted for your life span. You are coming near to your death bed.”

How negative thinking is harmful? So this particular person who mocks at everyone does not see his own faults and errors. This thinking never gave a chance to him to  grow up in his life because to grow up it’s important to know your flaws and to accept them. Now you will counter back me with the question that the person is doing the same thing of taking out flaws so why don’t we accept it? Yes, I agree that it’s easy to see the positive side but difficult to the find the negative one because it takes more effort to be a villain rather than a hero. But there is a way of marking out faults of others, style of talking matters. So this particular person marks out others fault in a very rustic and sarcastic tone.

So how it affects others and himself? The person on whom the rude compliment is given feels hurt and sometimes loses his own confidence. I had personally cried many a times when he mocked about the career I had chosen. He doesn’t understand in this process he also does harm to himself. I had seen him being very money minded and valuing relationships in terms of wealth. He finds out worse fact from any kind of relation. Then I tried to find out the reason behind his negative thinking and what I marked was that the main reason is he is very insecure. He tries to pull other’s leg because he himself can’t reach the top. This quality of him had pushed him to isolation and he has no true friend to count upon. These kind of people only create negative atmosphere. They are too stubborn to listen to others and change themselves. The best one can do is to ignore them. When the real world will slap them hard, they will realize that how important it is to extract positive things from mess life situation.

I am sure you had or you will encounter such person in your life journey too.

Seyashree Mohapatra

A writer and a poet by birth. follow my writing on emotions and reflections

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