The Waters That You Brought In

It feels cold

I shouldn’t just roll in

My feet tries to uphold

The ramifications

Yet to unfold

Well! It gets comfortable

Subtle warm and preferable

My feet feel steady

I think I am ready

To plunge in

With faith instilled

On what’s calling in

Oh! I am shaky

I hope I don’t slip

Or flip without a grip

Should I reconsider

For Fate is a sinister

Or trust the harbinger

Well the fate has it

And there I fall

With a splash!

Expecting no whiplash


Why can’t I breathe?

Wasn’t it supposed to revive me?

Oh!It’s suffocating

Why is it choking me?

Wasn’t it supposed to nourish me?

Where is my vision?

Am I loosing it?

Am I drowning?

Why can’t I Swim

Through the promised stream?

Is it

For the faith I put in my limbs

Or the mistake to trust

The waters you brought in.

How Strange?

I loved to swim

Or was it my unconscious dream

For you said it’s a fall down to the love that swings

All the way to my wedding ring

But all I did was drown

Into a pit of hot spring

that still hurts like a sting.

Ekta Kejriwal

Few non compromising fragments of my being is that I intend to be non judgemental and inquisitive. I am amused by food,literature,rain,kids and anything that appeals my senses.<3

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