My Childrens’ Father

You’ll only ever have one father,
Patient, strong and true
No other man in all the world
Will be the same for you
DNA made you the perfect fit
For each other’s arms
You were shaped from birth by his sharp wit
And inherited his silly charms
No one can take your Daddy’s place
And no one ever should
Your dad will always have your back
In ways no one else ever could
You only ever have one Dad
He’s full of jokes you love to hate
He scolds you when you need it
And steals chips off your plate
Your Daddy is the smartest man
You will ever know
He’s a Dr. Pepper fan
He’ll make you smile when you’re low
He has a song for everything
Though he cannot carry a tune
For you, he would do anything
Even fly with you to the moon
Even when he’s far away
He misses you, it’s true
He wants to hold you close and tight
And be right there with you
But he will always be back again
As soon as he can, too
He thinks of you each day
And plans for fun stuff to do
Cherish his hugs and laughter
Always enjoy conversations you have
Dad loves you as only he can do
As only your Daddy knows how to do
Remember every moment
Of this amazing Father you have

Desiree Frost

Desiree Frost

My name is Desiree Frost, I enjoy writing and sharing what I write with others. Please feel free to contact me with questions or thoughts about what you read. Thank you!

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