Lost and Found

We are all love

somewhere along the lines we separated.

Our strings that kept us united untangled; leaving us as one. 
Our fears and traumas consumed us, 
safety never came.

We are all fighting the same shadows – it’s time we shed our light on them. 
We all have become lost from what we truly are, from what matters. We are one. We are not separate. We are love. Let go of your judgements – for your judgements reflect your fears or insecurities, spewing outwardly on others. They do not serve us. Look within, dig up your past fears, lay them to rest. We are all fighting the same fight, wanting to be loved, wanting to be worthy, afraid of expectations, afraid of negative core beliefs. Don’t allow your ego to shape your world. It will try to trick you – pull you away from love. Remember you are never alone. You are always worthy. We are all made from love and star dust. Understanding and empathy – bring us together – back to our truth – back to love. Be kind. We are all hurting – we are all searching – we are all healing.

Sarah Comerford

I write for inner freedom. Find me in a field of wild flowers, down by the shore, dancing under the moon.

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