I Tried

I tried. Oh God I tried to get away, however, your hold on me was beyond the physical and stronger than I thought.

Now here I am in the dark with you in my heart. Here I am in the dark with someone else in my mind. Do I really have to choose between the two of you?

I can’t get rid of your essence in the middle of the night or his sweet embrace when darkness has taken a hold on my life.

I tried to not fall in your trap and yet I accepted the call. I tried to not walk fast but it seems like my own legs have a mind of their own and the next thing I know I am right in front of you.

However, with another my hands have found a home. A laugh has become my cure. My endless nights have been shared with another guy.

I tried, but now I am here in the dark with you in my heart and him in my mind.


I was always afraid of letting people hear my voice. It was there, hidden beneath my bones. Now it's out there, for the world to see and love.

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faith'spen · March 15, 2018 at 7:46 pm

Words specially crafted. Kudos

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