Half A Decade Together

Half a decade spent together and during that time my father died,

So many sleepless nights, I was deeply traumatised, eyes open wide,

I was horrified, every day and night I cried, contemplating suicide,

You could have left me, but you stayed by my side, you didn’t run away or hide,

You remained loyal and patient, darling you were truly there for me,

You wrap your arms around me every night as you really do care for me,

You care about me and I care about you, you’re the perfect girl,

The perfect lady, darling Angel from Heaven you are my World,

They say five years is a long time, but it has felt like five minutes,

We thought that the sky was the limit, but our journey hasn’t finished,

The Universe is ours to explore, the power of love cannot be diminished,

You make me strong like spinach, you are true to yourself, you have no gimmick,

And you are true to me, in return I am true to you,

We both started as tiny seeds, and overtime we grew,

Into two pulchritudinous flowers inside the Garden of God,

We might be strange and different, but we don’t mind being odd,

We are not here to please other people, just ourselves, that’s real,

That’s not selfish, I don’t lie, I tell people how I really feel,

We have shared so many wonderful memories together,

And we have many more to share as our love will last forever,

In five short years we got engaged and bought a house,

People love to talk, we saved our money and remained as quiet as a mouse,

We bought a kitten and called him Albert, all three of us are smitten,

We are a little family sharing happiness and joy, living in Great Britain,

If love is a virus carried by Zombies then we’ve been bitten,

Our love is strong, this is the truest love story ever to be written,

Infected with love, Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us, we are better,

We are creative souls, true innovators and trend setters,

Our love cannot be measured, True Love is an extremely rare treasure,

We replaced our former pain with perennial pleasure,

I have stamina, darling I’ll be writing this story of love forever,

I dedicate this ink and every letter to us as we celebrate half a decade together.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 15th March 2018

Image is a Caricature of my Partner and I done by an Artist in Barcelona in July 2014.

John Paul Harrington

I am an avid reader and I enjoy learning new things. I regularly express myself by writing poetry.

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