Do You

Do you still love me?
I can not make you love me.
I’m not the greatest woman on earth
I can not overcome the miles.
I’m not the best swimmer.
Can you?

Do you still feel me?
Or to where did you put me?
I’m sitting in the farthest corner
or do I keep my asylum in your heart?
I fall asleep and wake up with you in my head,
with your imaginary hand in my hand
like a teddy who warms me.
I feel you.

Do you still hear me?
Did you close your ears because the voices are so loud?
I am not like them, you may know.
My soul only whispers and tries to reach you.
Where are you, brother, friend, light, my soulmate?
Where are you, oh hand and surf?

Do you still think?
You say I do not have to doubt, do not be afraid.
I have unlearned the doubts and fears by you.
You’re there and yet you are so far away.
And as close as no one else.

Do you still hope?
I wish … I wish so much.
But so little.
Oh, would I be a believer
I would disbelieve your leaving.

Stay. Forever. By my side.
Do. You.


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brijkaulblog · March 15, 2018 at 10:01 am

your poem is good to understand love and cherish the same. A universal thought and only binding force of two souls.

do visit my blogs and read them my poems , on love compassion etc. assess for yourself and tell me candidly.

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