A Love So True For Me and You

Blessed we be.

Oh can’t you see.

The love of the Lord.

He has for you and me.

For this is the truth.

So easy to see.

For the heart of the one.

Who chooses to seek.

In the simplest of things.

God’s promise is proven.

These are the things.

I get to see.

When it is.

I ask of Thee.

To lovingly bring unto me.

His birds of flight.

To sing me their songs.

So loving and sweet.

So gentle they be.

When it is that they sing to me.

As the day awakens.

What is this I see?

Many birds among me.

I do believe.

The Lord has sent them.

Just for me.

Singing sweet sounds.

So Dear to my ears.

Singing their tune.

Of the Lord’s sweet love.

A love so dear.

Never to be feared.

A love so true.

Available, to even you.

Oh can’t you hear.

This truth I speak.

Just look all around.

For that is where.

God can be found.

In the simplest of things.

Of these blessings.

The ones we should seek.

For you and me.


After writing this poem as I was listening to the sweet songs of the birds. I went laid down for a little rest and God always awakens me when He wants to commune with me and this next little poem explains more of the Lord’s sweet love.


As I awaken from a rest.

I head to the kitchen.

Seeking some strange.

Unexplained craving.

To the refrigerator I go.

And what is this that I see?

God calling to me.

For it is He.

Sitting in the window.

Yes, it is You my Lord.

That I see.

As a beautiful blackbird.

Sitting there.

On that window ledge.

Just waiting to talk to me.


I spent about 10 minutes interacting with this blackbird. It was very sweet.


Leslee D Logan


Leslee Logan

A woman on a journey of love with our Lord Jesus. Seeking within, to find the Love that once seemed lost.

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