Truth Behind The Glasses

We think we know our friends and dear ones, but the truth is we know the part of them, that they want us to know. We may think that we know a person as we have spent enough time together, as time passes we realize that it was nothing but our illusion. A mother might claim to know her child well but the truth is as the child develops she comes to know about her child’s good and bad qualities and as soon as the child grows into a man, she only knows what her child pretends in front of her.

It happens in every relationship. I might claim that I know everything about my best friend. But the truth is that, I know that much which she wants me to know, whether it is her most embarrassing moment of life or the darkest truth which she could only share with me.

Sometimes even what we see and hear are those versions which our dear ones want us to make-believe, but we never know it can be nothing but the distorted truth. Most of the time we know half-truth of every incidence. What we do is to analyze things from the glass which our friends put on our eyes. It is not that we can’t put that glass down and see things as it is. But we don’t do that as we love to believe in our dear ones. It is our love and trust given in that relationship that prevents us to see things as it should be. Yes, it is true that in a close intimate relationship naked truth is expected as contorted facts can break the cord of trust build in a relationship. However, humans in fear of losing the respect they had enhanced in the personal relationship prefer to camouflage the naked truth.

It is not only that people fear to get labeled as bad from good, rather the fear is within themselves as they feel uneasy to accept the truth themselves.

So, what I believe is how much we try to be open in front of our dear ones and want them to know the real us, some part of our life remains locked in our heart with a key that has no passwords.

Thus, how much we profess to know each other, the veracity is we live in a world full of strangers and most of the time we remain strange to each other even walking miles together.

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