The City Of The Lost

I write this blog with great distress. We always complain about the little things we don’t have like that the latest devices, the body that the next person has, the expensive shoes, clothes and jewellery that just got out.

How often do we stop and think ”hey I’m healthy, I eat, I go to school, I have a job, I have a roof over my head etc….” This is probably going to trigger some people or be misunderstood.

I don’t mean don’t strive for what you desire but as you do so, remember to give gratitude for what you have. Sometimes we are so caught up in the little things we overlook the bigger problems. My heart goes out to the innocent people suffering and incapable of doing anything to get themselves out of those difficult situations.

The world today is a fast moving place. You either move along with it or get left behind; but why the rush? Where are we all headed to if it means that somewhere along the way some of us will be left behind? We all want to grow as a nation but what do our actions speak? Many voices united is enough to enforce the changes that we need. We lament and say how ”sad” it is that someone somewhere is hungry, homeless, lacks basic necessities but what are we doing to turn tables?

It’s saddening that the people who genuinely care and are capable of bettering people’s lives are the unheard ones but those with the capability of spreading word around and taking action sit in silence and comfort. Our children are our future. We destroy our present, we destroy our future. Educate and help today’s children and they will help and serve you in your old age. Is faith in humanity completely lost? We are a lost city with the voice of minority being ”underheard”  and the voice of majority dominating. The needs of the needy being overlooked because our leaders wallow in power and wealth. It’s about time that people put a foot down before everything crumbles to dirt.

Hellen Irungu

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Gargi Sidana · March 19, 2018 at 8:36 pm

You are absolutely right

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