So They Call You An Addict?

To numb the pain.

That one has gained.

A drink of whiskey.

A hit off a joint.

A line up the nose.

Or that needle in your arm.

Whatever it be.

I Am here to tell you.

I do not deny you.

For I want you to know.

I understand your woes.

You are just a broken soul.

So many now deny.

To you my friend.

Do not give in.

To the lies of their ways.

That made you this way.

My love is true.

Even to you.

To you even more.

For your soul I know.

All the pain within.

The brokenness you are.

Ready to be anew.

For this is the way.

The Father saith He.

I need you my sweet child.

To build you anew.

A bright and shining star.

Is my plans for you.

Words from the Heavenly Father.


Leslee Logan

A woman on a journey of love with our Lord Jesus. Seeking within, to find the Love that once seemed lost.

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