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You may be waiting

Pinned On The Wall

You may be waiting, or you may not be,

You may be laying in someone’s arms right now, drawing circles around their chest and telling them I’ll never leave you no matter,

You are there right now. In this cloudy and gloomy Saturday afternoon, promising them eternity,

But am here, pinning my love to the wall.

You have set goals,

You have taken sides, you are waiting for the kick off whistle to blow,

You are there all pumped up,

Waiting to kick the ball of life with them,

Till ninety plus you, say

In the meantime, am here pinning our love on the wall,

You are there with them

Having bad days and teary nights

You feel you want to entangle away from them,

You ask why does it hurt so bad if they are the one for you,

You are the perfect couple so you friends say,

A match made in heaven they add,

But no, you won’t leave him,

He will come crawling,

Begging you to stay just one last chance

He will take out the piece of necklace you guys had made on your last visit to the coast,

Where you promised till death do you part,

You will look at it with soggy eyes,

Trying to fight this mixture of feelings…

But he will notice the hesitation,

And move closer… put his lips on yours…

And away, the pain he shall melt

While am here, pinning our love to the wall

Over the years I have loved,

While you were alone and waiting,

Sadly it wasn’t me yet,

I got broken, and got robbed off love,

Not because I wasn’t good enough,

But they felt the love,my love on the wall, was not for them,

And with this love pinned on the wall I learnt,

At times, till death do us part is not what it means,

You never have to go six feet for it to be death,

Some people will kill you alive,

They will rob you off things that make you feel alive,

They will step on them,

Muddy them and walk away like nothing happened,and that my dear, is death,

So, as I pin my love to the wall,

You are holding them now,

In the palm of your hand,

Telling him how much you love them

You are sending them endless emojis of kisses,

The distance between you is a bit wide,

But to understand, they have to be with their buddies, it is the weekend after all and the big game is on,

So you will pin yourself to your coffee and books,as you wish them and their team best of luck,

You want them to win, otherwise, they will not be the lover you know; they take it personal,

So as you say the silent prayer to them,

I am here, pinning this love on the wall,











That you will feel the pain as it enters the wall,that I am here waiting to give it all to you,

But till then,

Till death comes and out you part,

Till you cry a river,build a bridge and get over them to me,

Then I shall always stare at the love pinned on the wall,

I will wait,

Or as I once read

I’ll wait…

Doesn’t matter how long it will take death to Passover,

Just know am on patience pills , two a day,

One at night,to calm demons,

The other during the day, to take away my day dreams…

Till then…

Our love is pinned on the wall.

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Molla Jacob

I am believer that words can heal, create and destroy at the same time.


lovesdeepwaters · March 13, 2018 at 11:11 pm

Wow! Stunningly beautiful

pariupadhyay · March 14, 2018 at 10:58 am

It’s beautiful and different

Graciiii · March 14, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Beautifully written.

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