Breaking Apart

With one slash you severed the bonds between us. Making me feel adrift. Making me feel like an astronaut whose safety line has snapped. Yet no one from the mother ship is making any effort to retrieve me. I am lost floating further and further away and you don’t even know. If you did, would you care? I love you but you don’t, couldn’t have loved me. Because to love someone you have to know the person. Know what makes them tick how they were put together as a human being. You obviously have no clue about me.

I still love you. This feeling I have for you is like nothing I have ever felt before. I love you. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. At least not as much as I do. There is evidently a lot about me that you don’t care to know or learn about. And facing that is breaking my heart.

I wouldn’t die of a decline if you and I break up. I wouldn’t neglect my studies, I wouldn’t become a nun Or a recluse. But without you ,I wouldn’t be as happy and maybe wouldn’t be happy again for a long time. I have always remained heart whole and free because I’ve never met anyone who was important enough to get in the way of my plans.You were that important.

I need someone who’s gonna be there for me no matter what happens. Someone who truly loves and trusts me. more importantly, Someone I can trust. Now I’m not sure if you’re that person. How can you trust someone who’s not real with you. What else could you be hiding? I’m afraid to find out.

Is that why you never trusted me? Because you knew I shouldn’t trust you either? Love by itself is not enough. There has to be other things such as respect and trust. Or love would get worn away by the realities of everyday life. It may be true that you love me but why does it hurt so bad?

Dillys Johnson

A coffee loving, loud mouth unconventional thinker with a knack for saying the most appropriate things at the most inappropriate times.

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