All Cleared Up

Clearing up my space always leaves me utterly satisfied and very very calm.

All things have their own energy and that’s why there should be a place for everything in the home and everything in its place.

I can definitely feel peaceful, like a load has lifted off of me simply by taking 20 minutes to clear everything up. I’m a procrastinator and tend to make messes all the time by just leaving stuff all around the house and that sure brings my energy and mood and vibration down.

If you want to change your life and change your mind for the better then cleaning is one of the best therapies ever. I experience it every time.

This day I commit myself to clear up my home in 20 minutes every single day and I make you all my witness. Thank you for being here.


Learning to love myself for the first time... ❤️ Cutting all ties that keep me where I am.. Learning to fly, to soar and be free.

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