A Simple Truth

“Here is a simple technique…”
“It’s a really simple technique…”
“This simple technique that will change your life…”

If I hear the phrase ‘simple technique’ one more time, I’m going to grab that phrase and smash it into a million little pieces!

I will then settle down, amidst the chaos and rubble. And calmly say…

“Ok simple technique, I have a really simple technique for you to stick yourself back together again!

All you have to do is follow this really simple technique and those pieces of you will start to connect and make sense of the world again.

Every one of those smashed up pieces will join forces in a battle to survive.
And amazingly, You will become whole again!

But I wonder, now that it’s you smashed that is into a million little pieces….
Does it still seem so simple??”

Carrie Murphy

I'm a qualified primary school teacher (not teaching ATM). About a year ago I started writing and I love it. I have a real soft spot for slam poetry.

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