A Boon To Be A Parrot Than A Woman

The sky had already greeted the moon. The cool breeze and the silver light was peeping through the broken wooden windows of that hut. Moon was the only source of light and the reflection of her could be seen. She had a desperate look, probably she was waiting for someone. She was tall, with sharp features and a dusky complexion. Golden sari hung perfectly from her thin waist. She was sitting at the door and her eyes were heavy with the burden of sleep. Her stomach churning with hunger, making noises.

She looked at the parrot she had kept and the sole one who listens to her emotions. That’s the reason she taught the parrot to speak. She looked at the parrot and the crystals of emotions fell down kissing her cheeks. The parrot seeing this site started making noises with her crack noise and started flattering her wings against the iron bar of the cage. It made the woman more emotional, but she was happy to know that someone is concerned about the valuable drops she sheds. She uttered some word being nostalgic ‘If boons are fruitful, I bless you to be a beautiful lady in the next birth, how well you understand and care for me you show the perfect gesture of a lady”.

The parrot took a while and responded, ”a boon is to be a parrot rather than an woman. Rather I bless you to be a parrot. I am captive of the iron cage and so as you inside the four walls of your house. At-least I am not bitten red and blue when alcohol intoxicate him and rather i eat when i wish to and don’t not wait and starve till someone else satisfy his hunger”. Suddenly there conversation inter putted and there was a knock. The woman expression reflected fear and the parrot was the witness what had to follow next.

Seyashree Mohapatra

A writer and a poet by birth. follow my writing on emotions and reflections

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