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Wind, portrayed by
the bending trees
and flying leafs.

Rain, portrayed by
water collecting
on my window,
car’s swooshing by
picking up the muddy road.

Clouds, portrayed by
gray cotton balls
heavy with moisture,
fog blinding the traffic lights, a chilly breath
creeps up your spine.

Coffee, portrayed by
its sent of floral beans
brewed to perfection,
and brown cream foaming
at the rim of your mug.

Morning, portrayed by
the rising sun beaming
beautiful shimmers
of dew covered grass,
and birds chirping.

Mountains, portrayed by cascades of water
over large rocks
facing a valley,
a river pushing through
the folding passes
of looming peeks covered
in green and brown, and tree’s.

Beauty, portrayed by
a look, a reflection
of self or others.

Poetry, portrayed by
word’s, format, and skill
but has no real grammar.

Life, portrayed by
decay, change, struggle,
and scares.

Me, portrayed by
my writing, personality, grace, sometimes suffering.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Profile photo of Amanda Shelton

Amanda Shelton

I am an autistic writer and artist. I have disabilities but I don't let that stop me. I love writing and art. I also run a forum, blog, and an online store.


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Wow !

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