We walk over them, we breathe them. They decay to dust, encase us, they cling to us, clothe us, admonish us.

They had nothing but hope.

Hope that the shower does not mean death. That the neck would not be broken or shot from behind. The hope that their children would survive the assassination and hunger. That the train don’t bring them to the final dead end and the surgery may kill fast the sick body.

For more than 50 thousand people every hope came too late. Every wish remained unfulfilled and their children died.

They all died and the people at the foot of the mountain just watched and did nothing. They didn’t stay up, faced the crimes, helped.

Does fear blind us?

Does she close our eyes for the crime, punishment, pain? Does she even close eyes for the beauty? She did. And still does. Fear blinds us, guides us, keeps us away of lights and love, teaches us to hate and to hurt.

Love doesn’t.


In remember of the victims from Ettersberg


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LaMarr Wenrich · March 12, 2018 at 8:28 am

Beautiful… fear does shut us down in every capacity but Love can change all things..

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