I would

I would carry you on my back,
take you to your favorite place.
I would learn to fly for you,
would dig through the earth with my hands.
I would hunt the birds in flight,
would be faster than the fastest animals.
I would show you the stars from above,
would never let your smile fade.
I would fight all the wars for you,
would keep the most beautiful peace for you,
I would take all your worries and protect you.

Oh, would you just let me …


The world through my eyes – wherever I am / Travel: sosfernweh.wordpress.com Pics/poems: voiceofmothernature.wordpress.com Insta: @sosfernweh Fb: @voiceofmothernatureatwebde


maskeddisguise · March 11, 2018 at 8:40 pm

Beautiful ❤️

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