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Extrovert, Introvert And Pseudo Extrovert

It is difficult for an extrovert to turn into an introvert. With my own observations and experience, I can tell that it can be compared to the process of metamorphosis. The struggle needs a strenuous effort. But possessing all these three in the lifetime is somewhere important for blooming into a mature one and to reveal the real face of others disguised under the mask.

Starting with an ‘Extrovert’, parents always wants their children to be an outgoing personality, one who can be social and can have basic decencies of life.”Man is a gregarious animal”, somewhere this phrase is applicable for all of us. A child develops from his mind when he becomes an extrovert. He talks to different people and a child who possesses an extrovert quality is tagged as ”smart”. This trend continues till the child joins the school. Society tags a girl or a boy as ”cool” nowadays who are popular among the students and teachers. The child himself takes his extrovert quality as a boon and feels blessed to have n number of friends.

After the high school, the same child enters degree colleges choosing their respective careers. He was in a cocoon like protected shelter when he was at school, now the real world is waiting for him to give a thrust of reality. With the boon and quality of being an extrovert, the child who is now mature enough to be called as a man steps inside the real world. He tries to get social and extend his hand of friendship. He feels happy because people greet him in the same manner but with the time, reality slaps him. He realizes that the more he becomes genial, the more people are robbing out his goodness. He is regarded just like a bin bag which has the motto ‘USE AND THROW’. He gets aware of the reality and that shakes his world upside down. The outgoing man suppresses his extrovert quality and turns into an introvert. He keeps his circle close and small. It’s not easy for him to change into an introvert but he realizes that it’s the call of the hour.

Now you might raise a question that after these two phases, what is a pseudo extrovert? ‘pseudo’, or a ‘false’ extrovert phase is something we experience but fail to realize. Before I start explaining this, I will give the best example of this category i.e ‘POLITICIAN’. A politician is never a true extrovert. He tries to be social, understand people’s problems but in his real world, he keeps just a few people close to him and opens up with them. The same goes with the man who settles down in the society. He keeps socializing with everyone but keeps a few close to him. So a ‘pseudo extrovert’ is a person who is truly an introvert who hides under the mask of an extrovert.

You might now backfire me with the question what if an individual does not undergo such changes? An individual really suffers if he doesn’t derive these above three qualities. Extrovert quality helps an individual to develop as a human being. But not changing into an introvert at the right time can result into depression and can turn him into a gullible person. Some people can tag ‘pseudo extrovert’ as a fake or double standard personality, but it is necessary to cope up with the social life and the faster growing world. Although it’s fine until and unless you don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.

My opinion may vary from yours. But I am sure, many of you must have gone or must be going through this phase of life.


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Unbranded · March 11, 2018 at 9:46 pm

Thanks for the article!

I started out introverted, decided to become extroverted after moving to a new city in my early teens, realizing I wanted personal social improvements, took it to far, gradually moving back to introversion through my thirties and forties. In my fifties, I consider myself a healthy introvert.

    seyashree · March 12, 2018 at 10:07 am

    a balance of both is truly needed..
    thanks for the appreciation.

The Hog Ninja · March 11, 2018 at 10:07 pm

Ambiverts Unite!

SillyShruti · March 12, 2018 at 8:26 am


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