Poetry: Because Love Doesn’t Heal Everything

Must be something in the moonlight.
Do you feel it?
Your hands groping for my fingers,
when your jokes send me into hysteria

Did my throat burst like a star cluster
erupt like moonbeams in the darkness?

I told you how I love the way your mouth curls, when you smother mine in kisses. How I imagine your sky-blue eyes as sequins covering my blue denim jacket.

Did you black-hole
the night just for us? “I did” embrace after you noticed the constellations.

I hope you did.
We have every right
to stare at the constellations
in a daze of love.

Like we don’t remember
our lost loved ones of yesterday
from Washington, coolness, spring
a winter owl swooping around us,
the loss that broke the tears
of happy lives.

Do you understand
how you must move on,
Beyond something sad in this life.

Something makes you want to tap
your foot again to “Thunder.”
No matter how hard,I hold still.
Feel the sadness
smothering cheekbones
when the beat and depth
of “Imagine Dragon’s” voice when it cuts through the night.

Don’t know. I tried to remove the sadness out of you.
Dove deep into you
the day we met.
Hoped the love would be enough
to heal heartaches.

Tell me, darling.
Did it work?

©2018 Linda J. Wolff (Google), and “Poetry: Because Love Doesn’t Heal Everything.”

Linda Wolff

LINDA J. WOLFF (WOLFF POETRY) lives in Washington. She's currently the editor of online journal Wolff Poetry and resource site for beginning writers.

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