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Can’t Stand Bullies

I can’t stand people who, when someone gets upset or offended by something say ‘oh they’re overreacting’ or ‘it’s just there insecurities’.

If something you have said upsets someone, they ARE NOT overreacting!!! That is how they feel, so just say sorry. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for someone to simply say ‘ I’m sorry ‘. Why is that so hard?

For example, I am currently watching America’s Next Top Model from last nights episode that aired in the UK, [and side note i’m so happy how the show has become so inspirational for me with its body positive message, I love Ashley Graham and all she stands for her and all the ‘plus size’ models on the show make me feel good about my size, and I and so many other girls need that.]

But back to last night’s episode, there is a girl called Kyla on the show and she’s had experiences in the past where she has been called stupid and it really upsets her especially because she had a brain injury from playing Volleyball when she was at school, and learning became very difficult for her. There is another model called Rio and she made a comment about a boyfriend she used to see and said he was ‘stupid like Kyla’. This really really upset Kyla.

Another model overheard the conversation Kyla was having with her friends and went and told Rio. She acted like she had no idea what she was on about. And then through the first part of the show in the little interview clips she kept calling Kyla stupid, as Kyla had a problem with the selfie challenge they were doing! Kyla confronted Rio and told her how upset it made her and Rio was pulling very rude faces and in the little interview clips said, Kyla was overreacting and it was just because of her insecurities.

Furthermore, during a photo shoot that was about being okay with how you look and your body size, Rio kept calling the ‘plus size’ male models, fat, overweight and unattractive. I can’t even put into words my anger.

Everyone’s insecurities matter! And whether people are insecure or not about something, you shouldn’t call people stupid or any horrible name for that matter.

Emotions are powerful and very few people have complete control over their emotions. If someone gets upset about something you wouldn’t get upset about, it doesn’t mean they are overreacting. It means their emotions are different to yours. Their brain works differently than yours. And to say someone is overreacting to a comment you said that upset them is just ignorant and plain mean.

I hope people agree with this because I can’t stand anymore bullying in this world.

Hope everyone’s having a good day so far, lots of love,

Nat 🙂

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Natalie Smith

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