She’s A Hero

She has lived her whole life without you but you can’t live without her. When the whole world is against you, she will be your backbone; the only one by your side.
 Funny how as a kid you were so attached to her, then one day you’re all grown up, move out and suddenly…. suddenly you don’t need her?? 
The woman who sacrificed her all for you, but what do we do?

Be ungrateful, complain about every little thing but little do we know that one day, just one day you will look back and be grateful for all she did.
 Instead of putting them down, comparing them to others, being ungrateful for what we don’t have while we sit clueless and comfortable with no clue what they went through to get us what we have, why don’t we appreciate that they’re still there instead? That every day, they come back home, clean, make meals.

You never know how big these things are until one day she’s not there to do them anymore. No love will ever amount to that of a mother. No gift will ever be enough to show her gratitude. No words will ever be enough to thank her.
 She is selfless.
 Her love and care are unconditional.
 She stays strong for you. 
She gets on your nerves because she wants the best for you.
 Every decision she makes is not only for her benefits but yours as well. 
She is the only one whose love is pure and genuine. 
She is a hero.
 She is a mom.

Hellen Irungu

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