International Women’s Day 2018

Happy International Women’s Day! I love this day because it’s time we celebrate women, may you know them, know of them or are one. It’s good to also celebrate yourself and all the struggles you have been through. Women go through so much and have so many pressures as do men, however women in societies’ eye can be negative. It feels like we can never get it right sometimes. We wear makeup and are told, no we should show natural beauty; then if we don’t wear it we get told you don’t put any effort into yourself. If you are skinny, you are told that men like women with curves but if your chubby then you are told to lose weight because it’s not healthy. This is just disgusting to me! I don’t understand why we aren’t satisfied with just being ourselves. You know there is only one of you and that is pretty freaking special! I think we get so used to our own bodies/faces that we forget what we look like to a stranger and that can be so different to what we see.

We often compete with other girls/women and this is normal when growing up. However instead of competing, we should celebrate each other and complement. We often get jealous because of how someone looks, what they have or who they are. Turn this into asking them where they got their dress, telling them their makeup looks amazing; ask if they have any tips. Don’t just sit and be bitter and try to out do someone. It will make you feel so much better to be open and honest. They may even be thinking the same about you. This is also a good way to start friendship. When women link up in this way we become unstoppable! Inspire each other, encourage each other. We are all in the same boat girlies and go through similar things. Be kind and help fellow girls around you if you see them struggling; you could make their day. We can learn so much from each other and that is what makes girl power so important!

I want to thank all the inspirational women around me who have shaped me into the person I am today. My mum is incredibly hard-working; she has taught me work ethic and to never give up.

My sister is my best friend and is always there for me, she teaches me to be independent and to be myself. They are both so strong and loving and I aspire to be an amazing woman like them. They have led the way for me and I’m so lucky to have them!

Always be supportive to your fellow women and be a positive influence to the younger girls around you. Be thankful to all the inspirational women in your life and let them know you appreciate them.

Let me know if there are any women that inspire you and why in the comments. Give this a like for all the amazing, beautiful and motivational women in the world! Lots of love and happiness.

Alice xo

Alice Woodward

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