Swallowed Goodbyes

I had a bad vibe, that day you said your goodbyes

Oh wait you just walked out the door

How could you do this to me, walk out; leaving me

Act like you didn’t do anything

Your words empty and misleading

Acting like it was me needing to be forgiven

That’s funny though

Turning it back on me and still planning to leave, it’s ridiculous

I’ve had enough of it

Trying to get me to beg, hold your hand and put away your bags

How could I be strong when all I see is you looking at me like a disease

I don’t wanna be the type that comes crawling back from it

Pretending like I haven’t had enough of your shit

Pushing back like I haven’t been hit

By All your mood swings might as well call you a swing set

You can’t even look me in the eye

Which explains your lack of a goodbye

That night I came home, all your stuff was packed with a letter on my nightstand

I hope it’s all worth it for your one night stands

Jean Wilson

Jean Wilson

Art student

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