Gender equality: The Way Forward

Nowadays we have so many ideologies that have come into the scene as far as gender equality is concerned. Feminists have come with their theory, while men have come with their own. This has caused so many misunderstandings, hatred between the sexes, arguments and a lot of controversies but let me submit to you that the problem of gender equality will only be resolved if everyone understood their role, purpose and place in the society.

God created man and woman in his image and likeness with his part to play as far as the running of the universe is concerned. The woman was created to be an assistant and help to man since it was not proper for man to be alone. It wasn’t in God’s plan for women to be treated as trash or for men to turn to be jailers, No! Men and women were destined to complete each other since they are all parts of a jigsaw puzzle. The essence of creation was for both men and women to jointly rule the world with men as the car and women as the engine powering it up.

The reason why this controversy, hatred for the opposite sex and quest for women to assure her dominion in the society came as a result of the fact that men turned out to be dictators, jailers and oppressors. They turned to treat women so bad and deprived them of their rights. This ill treatment inflicted on women gave rise to ideologies like women empowerment, women emancipation, feminism and thus the battle for the world’s domination came into the scene. Women began to rise and demonstrate for concessions to be granted to them.

Nevertheless, this quest which once started as a noble cause to assure a spotlight for women turned into rather a quest for revenge and the total removal of men from the scene. Those ideologies radicalized many women who tend to do everything in their power to rather than trying to get a spotlight and an area in the sun for them and their fellow women to evicting and “paying” men back for all the “evils” men did. This caused unending chaos, instability and the destruction of so many homes.

In the midst of this gender crisis and chaos, only one solution stands which can remedy to all the problem of gender equality. If women and men understand their role, purpose and place in the family and the society then this gender crisis will end. If men understand that they are not to be cruel jailers but are to be loving, caring and appreciative to their women then things will get better. If women ate to understand that they are a help, counsel and guide to men; that they are the engines men depend on for power up, that they are the shoulder man should lean on to cry, that they are a partner, lover and friend then will things get better. If both sexes understand their roles and purpose then they will automatically come to the knowledge of their rights and duties which will stop this gender equality crisis that is plaguing our world.

Nkwenkam Momekam Tite

I am Nkwenkam Momekam Tite born in October 25 1997 in Heidelberg... I am an author, a blogger n a human rights activist in the Pan African Human Rights Defenders Network...

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Von Smith · March 9, 2018 at 11:28 am

Genders are equal. Doubt gets in the way. Our own doubt.

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